Short Sale Analysis

Reduce Short-Sale Losses

Every short sale involves a loss, which makes Short Sale Monitoring critical to your financial success. Consistent with prudent portfolio monitoring practices, identifying potential short sales before they occur will mitigate losses, speed short-sale strategies and improve loan loss reserve forecasting.

Proactive Monitoring – Early Detection

The best defense against short sales losses is early detection. Proactive monitoring allows you to analyze your portfolio to uncover  short sales by learning when borrowers place their homes on the market for sale.  By scanning your portfolio loan level balances against current listing prices, you can identify those properties that are listed for less than the loan balance.  Having this intelligence will enable you to proactively manage the short sale process, focusing on proper loss mitigation procedure such as identifying fraudulent transactions, assess pricing-method accuracy, identify problematic geographies and loan loss reserves

Our Proactive Portfolio Monitoring solution scans more than 75% of the U.S. housing market to rapidly identify properties that are actively listed, and provides:

  • Last List ID

  • Listing Status

  • Last List Date

  • Last List Price

  • MLS Coverage Indicator

  • Market Segment Average Days on Market

  • Listing Broker Name

  • Listing Broker Email

  • Listing Broker Phone Number

Curb Missed-Opportunity Losses

Coupled with our Short Sale Monitoring solution is our comprehensive collateral valuation solution.  Analyze and continually refine pricing methods to avert losses by supporting the current market value of your short sale property with one of our valuation solutions.

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