Existing Portfolio Tax Monitoring

This cost effective solution is designed for mortgage servicers, distressed asset servicers and REO servicers who wish to protect their existing residential or commercial loan portfolio against tax related losses.

This service provides continuous delinquency tracking on your existing portfolio of non escrow residential and commercial mortgage loans.  This service begins reporting immediately after the parcel(s) scheduled tax payment due date and continues until the mortgage is paid.


  • Protect existing mortgage portfolios against financial loss
  • Residential properties
  • Commercial properties

 Tax Data Elements Monitored

  • Property address
  • Real Estate or Personal Property Parcel number(s)
  • Open real estate or personal property taxes for a parcel(s)
  • Current tax amounts
  • Water billing information
  • Payment status
  • Delinquency and delinquency amounts
  • Unpaid taxes sold by the taxing authority
  • Final redemption date for sold tax liens
  • Assessment values
  • Existing exemptions
  • New levies assessed to parcel
  • Taxing Authority payee information

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