Delinquency Letter Services

As an enhancement to our Life of Loan Tax Delinquency Service, Existing Portfolio Tax Monitoring Service and Delinquent Tax Research Service, is our delinquency follow-up mail service. We customize this service to fit your your internal policies, procedures and controls. The service will provide written notification using your letterhead at designated intervals and document proper proof of payment. Based upon the borrowers’ actions, or severity, we can send additional escalation letters. Throughout the process, we compile all responses received and keep you informed through a series of management reports.


  • Outsource the entire the delinquent letter process
  • Out task one or more components of the delinquent letter process
  • Redeploy existing personnel to revenue or operational core competencies

Key features of this service

  • Written notification to your borrowers using your letterhead
  • Notifications sent at your designated intervals
  • Your Proof of payment parameters
  • Escalation letters using your approved severity criteria
  • Track and document borrower responses
  • Provide borrower delinquency resolution options
  • Track and document proof or unacceptable proof of payment
  • Series of management report options

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