Real Estate Tax Service Solutions

Designed Specifically to Protect Your Real Estate Assets

For more than 26 years, UPF Services has tracked real estate tax payments for all types of residential and commercial real estate assets. We offer partial or a fully outsourced tax services designed specifically to protect your real estate assets. Whether you need a one-time detailed analysis report for a property believed to be in delinquency status, or you have an entire portfolio of loans that require professional management, our process driven approach delivers the best and most efficient method for indentifying and reporting real estate tax delinquencies.

Our Expertise is Unmatched

Working with over 26,000 tax authorities nationwide, our tax specialists have been trained to analyze each parcel from every perspective possible; the investor, the banker, the borrower, and of course, the servicer.

When you combine our operational disciplines with our advanced technology, we believe that utilizing our real estate tax solutions will provide the lowest risk and highest reward strategy for organizations committed to superior quality, reliability and service.

Tax Service Solutions

Life of Loan Tax Delinquency Services

Life of Loan Tax Escrow Services

SmartEscrowSM- Property Tax & Insurance Tracking

Existing Portfolio Tax Monitoring

Tax Payment Services

Delinquent Tax Research

Delinquent Letter Services

Parcel Research

InstantTax – Electronic tax information

Tax Management Reporting Services

Integration Solutions

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