Residential Property Condition Report

Our Property Condition Reports are the ideal tool to help you quickly obtain the current external state of your property while accurately supplying the property’s physical condition and characteristics as required by the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines.

Combining  our Property Condition Report with an AVM not only produces a compliant evaluation, it provides actionable information for confident, cost-effective lending and credit decisions.

All inspections are performed by experienced real estate professionals who live in and/or service the subject property’s community and have a shared stake in its well-being.

Typical uses for the Property Condition Report

  • Monitoring condition of vacant REOs – Many counties require lien holders to monitor, resolve and report property conditions of vacant, bank-owned assets.
  • AVM Values – Interagency Guidelines state that AVM values used for lending purposes and early default, must be accompanied by current, original photos of the subject property
  • Asset Condition Monitoring in FEMA disaster areas
  • Occupancy – While the Property Condition Report was not designed for occupancy verification, it can be used as a visual confirmation of occupancy

The Residential Site Inspection Report includes:

  • Current photos of subject property (front, side, and street views)
  • Overview of current subject property condition (including fire and flood damage)
  • Occupancy status
  • Listing information (if applicable)
  • Estimate cost and time to repair (if applicable)
  • Summary of neighborhood market conditions
  • Number of listings on subject’s street
  • Location map

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