Automated Valuation Models or AVM’s

Drawing upon the industry’s leading sources of automated value models, our alternative valuation solution offers a consolidated solution, with single platform access to a wide range of AVM solutions nationwide.

AVM Testing & Validation Support = Value Transparency.

By aggregating and consolidating the leading Automated Valuation Models into a single access platform, our solution assists the customer in establishing regulatory and compliance best practices for the purpose of AVM testing and selection.

This validation process objectively compares side by side a number of automated valuations models simultaneously against a benchmark of predetermined values.  The customer can then evaluate the results and make decisions that are consistent with their collateral valuation policies and procedures.

Our alternative valuation solutions are ideal for Banks, Credit Unions, Servicers, Mortgage Bankers and Investors looking to improve productivity, reduce costs and maintain the highest standards of quality.

 Industry Leading AVM Options

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