Construction Loan Report (CLR)

The CLR was designed for lenders who want accurate and timely reporting on all their draw requests. This report is used in new construction lending and will search from the original construction loan forward (18 month time limit back on original search) reporting any new liens such as mechanic liens.

By offering unmatched standards in reporting with a service level guarantee, you gain the ability to disburse confidently and efficiently each time.

 Construction Loan Report Features

  • Offering nationwide coverage allowing you to work with one provider to meet all your needs
  • One standard format to easily recognize what is happening with the property
  • Guaranteed turn time of 72 hours or free with 75% being completed within 48 hours! No longer will you wait and wonder
  • Disburse quickly and confidently on all draw requests with assurance that no liens have been recorded since your last draw

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