Portfolio Monitoring

Staying informed about changes in the status of properties securing your loans, or loans you may be acquiring, is the key to proactively addressing at-risk loans. Critical indicators can help effectively identify risk, support lead generation, and improve decision making to better protect your security interest.

Our end to end solution gives you critical risk indicators set to your predetermined rules and frequency to intimately understand the quality and the risk of your existing portfolio or pools of loans considered for acquisition.


  • First lien holders – Manage risk by detecting change of ownership, potential default activity using the Tax Delinquency and Bankruptcy alerts. Discover second lien information, which could result in equity changes.

  • Subordinate lien holders – Receive updates on delinquency indicators, default activity, ARM resets or changes in ownership to protect secured interest.
  • Servicers – Optimize due diligence efforts by quickly analyzing the risk in portfolios (existing or those under consideration).

  • Capital Markets/Investors- Optimize due diligence efforts by quickly analyzing the risk in portfolios under consideration

Critical Risk Indicators

  • Foreclosure/default activity
  • Tax delinquency
  • Bankruptcy
  • ARM reset
  • Lien status change

  • Value change
  • New liens/shotgun mortgage
  • MLS listings
  • Ownership changes
  • Liens and judgments

Delivery Methods

  • On Demand - On Demand offers lien monitoring of single properties, with the results made available through UPFDirect.com web service.

  • Match & Append - Match & Append provides a one-time multiple property analysis of a loan portfolio using either pre-set or client-defined alert criteria. When alerts appear on matched properties, a summary property report is generated, and the client is sent the results in a comprehensive report detailing the specifics of the alert.

  • Automated Portfolio Monitoring - This option provides ongoing monitoring of a loan portfolio based on a pre-determined frequency (monthly, quarterly, etc.). Summary property reports are automatically generated for properties flagged with an alert, and the client is sent a comprehensive report detailing the specifics of that alert.

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