Property & Borrower Data

Drawing upon the industry’s leading sources of market and collateral information, our data aggregation strategy offers customers a comprehensive solution that allows them to mix and match data and  create a highly targeted data solution that improves data transparency and results.

Property and Borrower Data

This solution gives you access to accurate, exportable data on 97% of all property transactions in the U.S with more than 100 attributes to select from.  Gain access to property records, tax assessments, property characteristics, neighborhood trends, and parcel maps from tax assessors and county recorders offices across the nation.

Property Reports 

OwnerConnect – Property Ownership Data

Match and Append Services

Neighborhood Report 

REO Market Report

Short Sale Monitoring

Mortgage Performance Data

Our consolidated solution, with single platform access  loan-level data covering more than 40 million active first mortgages and nine million active second mortgage loans. The database collects more than 100 loan-level collateral attributes, including product type detail, ZIP codes, ARM information, document type, property value, occupancy type, property type, loan purpose and loan size.

Match and Append Services

Portfolio Risk Monitoring

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