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UPF provides a wide array of easy-to-read credit reports including In-file, Merged Credit Reports, Residential Mortgage Credit Reports (RMCR), Streamlined, Non-Traditional Alternative Credit, and Business Reports. UPF credit reports provide the inclusive data required to support informed decisions. Reports may also be ordered via our easy to use website by single order and by batch processing.

Merged Credit Reports

Gain powerful insight in just seconds. Our easy-to-read credit reports contain robust information in several convenient formats. You can choose the number of repositories and customize sorting options and views to help you analyze data faster and more effectively. Upgrade to a three-vendor report in seconds—without needing to re-pull a consumer’s file.

Residential Mortgage Credit Reports

Receive all the information from the Merged Credit Report, plus additional tools and options that support your specific mortgage lending process. And because we update information manually, you can be confident that information is timely and current.

Non-Traditional Credit Reports

Expand your potential customer base by qualifying customers lacking a traditional credit history. You can score more customers using alternative data, such as payments for rent, utilities, insurance and other information. As a result, you can help grow your customer base while managing risk.

Business Reports

Receive reports for a company or a principal owner of a business. You can get added insight using public records and government sources for an additional fee.

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