OwnerConnect – Property Ownership Information

OwnerConnect helps servicers, lenders, collectors and due diligence professionals understand borrower motivations and behaviors through insight into their property ownership. OwnerConnect provides valuable property ownership information and reveals borrowers’ property values, lien information, mortgage application activity and occupancy, disclosed or not.

OwnerConnect uses powerful data and analytics to connect mortgage information to property data sources for all borrower-owned properties, disclosed or not. Whether screening applicants, creating offers or evaluating your portfolio, OwnerConnect helps reveal borrowers’ property values, lien information, mortgage activity and occupancy.


  • Uncover Hidden Properties – Linking a complex combination of lender, credit and public records information, we can help uncover properties for an accurate ownership picture.
  • Predict Occupancy – OwnerConnect links accurate property valuation and characteristics data to address histories to help you verify (or expose) borrower occupancy.
  • Spot Pending Activity – We present all pending activity on each property to signal the possibility of ulterior motives or fraud that might otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Understand related liens – OwnerConnect compiles voluntary lien information for each property to estimate CLTVs and identify terms for first and second liens.

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