Instantly and Accurately Assess Borrowers’ Claimed Income

IncomeAdvisor™ helps detect income fraud early in the origination process, with actionable alerts, and provides an income estimate with confidence levels. IncomeAdvisor uses advanced analytic models to instantly evaluate the reasonableness of a borrower’s claimed income for better decisioning and enhanced profitability.

IncomeAdvisor provides a real-time assessment of income reasonability at the individual borrower level. This helps dramatically reduce income fraud and enables more efficient income verification strategies, effectively filtering applications for further income investigation.

IncomeAdvisor enables lenders and issuers to:

  • Assess claimed income reasonableness – even on borrowers with thin and no credit histories
  • Evaluate claimed income using an income fraud score and a predicted monthly income amount
  • Instantly see deviations between borrower reported income and the monthly income estimate
  • Know specific areas for investigation and verification based on easy-to-use alerts
  • Customize risk and confidence thresholds
  • Approve more customers with real-time income assessment

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