Identity Pro

IdentityPro delivers the edge lenders need to stay ahead of dishonest borrowers. By harnessing advanced pattern recognition technologies, IdentityPro clearly distinguishes borrower patterns often associated with fraudulent activity. IdentityPro works by modeling borrower transactions and other relevant data to more precisely determine borrower risk. In addition, IdentityPro includes compliance and misrepresentation capabilities to spot identity theft, straw borrowers and owner-occupancy misrepresentation.

Putting IdentityPro to Work

IdentityPro can deliver critical assistance during loan application, underwriting or pre-funding review by spotting a borrower’s living, buying and selling patterns. IdentityPro’s easy-to-use interface and reports provide alerts for questionable activity, including transient behavior, owner occupancy, property value change and SSN activity.

Powering Your Workflow

Once IdentityPro is incorporated into the workflow, lenders can increase production and pull-through rates by streamlining the approval process for acceptable loans. Alerts and flags included in the IdentityPro report act as guideposts to speed review and decision making. Business moves faster, on solid footing, as the organization’s decision intelligence grows. IdentityPro is the business tool for verifying and categorizing borrower fraud risk.

Reliable Data and Analytics

Our database is updated daily with the latest information you need such as comparable sales, property valuations, household demographics, neighborhood analyses, school information, crime records, flood data, appraisal data and other proprietary and supplemental information.

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