LoanSafe Risk Manager Suite

The LoanSafe Risk Manager Suite is composed of two modules: LoanSafe Collateral Manager, and LoanSafe Fraud Manager. Working in tandem, these solutions minimize collateral risk and maximize fraud Detection — an unbeatable combination that delivers a meaningful and lasting impact on mortgage risk management practices.

LoanSafe Risk Manager Suite supports:

  • Originators and lenders

  • Mortgage investors

  • Mortgage and bond insurers

  • Credit advisory services and rating agencies

  • Servicers

  • Government agencies

  • Regulators

LoanSafe Collateral Manager

LoanSafe Collateral Manager analyzes property and neighborhood characteristics to estimate each loan’s early payment default and loss severity risk. The proprietary risk management engine evaluates numerous elements, including multiple relationships and comparisons between key collateral metrics; property characteristics, pricing and appraisal attributes, geographic conditions, and others. In addition, LoanSafe Collateral Manager references foreclosure and volatility models to ensure the most accurate risk picture possible.

 LoanSafe Collateral Manager Features

  • Create prefunding appraisal review workflows

  • Improve appraisal quality

  • Maximize efficient use of automated and human-based appraisal tools

  • Reduce early payment defaults and associated losses

  • Detect and stratify risk within existing portfolios

  • Add nontraditional collateral risk indicators to internal credit and fraud models

LoanSafe Fraud Manager

LoanSafe Fraud Manager uses patented predictive analytics scoring technology to identify suspicious mortgage loans, enabling you to quickly estimate each loan’s fraud risk.

LoanSafe Fraud Manager detects fraud based on historical patterns of fraudulent and legitimate loans. The solution draws on the widest array of proprietary and consortium data, creating and applying fraud risk patterns to determine the likelihood a loan may result in a fraud driven loss.

LoanSafe Fraud Manager Features

  • Cost effectively score loan applications prior to approval.

  • Improve productivity by utilizing rank-ordered fraud scores to drive underwriting processes, saving time and review expense by zeroing in on high fraud risk.

  • Leverage one of the industry’s most vast proprietary and consortium fraud, property, ownership and mortgage loan databases.

  • Improve loan performance and quality by driving down fraud-related losses.

  • Reduce early payment default.

  • Complement credit and compliance review tools.

Using loan application LoanSafe Fraud Manager enables you to decrease fraud risk in your loan pipeline by automatically assessing risk at the application stage.

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