Flood Services – Agency and Regulatory Compliant

UPF Services is providing the most compliant, accurate, and efficient flood hazard determinations at the lowest possible price. Because of our extensive experience in providing flood compliance, UPF provides our customers access the most recent developments in both compliance and technology, offering our customers the most productive service in the industry.

With UPF’s Flood Solution lenders are able to access the most accurate data to assign an address with the appropriate flood and Census tract data and receive the determination within seconds. Our extensive database is updated regularly to reflect any FEMA changes and LOMA/LOMRs.

Flood Hazard Compliance services are backed by a complete errors and omissions insurance policy, as well as the full strength and resources of UPF Services.

  • Basic Flood Zone Determination

A guaranteed flood zone determination (FZD) that provides the required FEMA flood map and community participation status information.

  • Life-of-Loan Flood Zone Determination

A flood zone determination (FZD) that provides the required FEMA flood map and community participation status information. The FZD is monitored for FEMA flood map revisions and community participation status changes for the term of the loan to maintain compliance with federal regulations and secondary market guidelines. Additionally, our life of loan FZDs are transferable between servicers.

  • Portfolio Review and Transfers

UPF will perform portfolio reviews for its customers upon request. A flood determination for each loan in a customer’s existing portfolio is provided and is then tracked for any flood map revisions for the life of the loan. Standard Flood Hazard Determination Forms are issued for properties that are located in a Special Flood Hazard Area.

  • Refinance Related Loan Determination (RRLD)

The RRLD solution provides our current flood customers a quick and cost-effective option when refinancing an existing loan with a UPF Services flood determination. Simply provide us an identification number for the loan, and UPF Services will produce a new certification, cancel the first loan record and track the second for future flood map revisions. In all other respects, the refinance loan determination is identical to our standard life-of-loan determination.

  • HMDA/Census Tract Data

To help lenders comply with the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and the Community Reinvestment Act, census tract data is available with any of the UPF Services Flood Data products and services.

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