Lien Release and Reconveyance Services

In today’s marketplace having a partner for processing your lien release must be compliant, accurate, efficient, and cost effective. UPF Services works with its customers to offer process driven solutions that meet any budget and service level.

Our expertise in lien release preparation, and recording gives our customers the advantage of having a compliant solution  while allowing them to focus on core competencies, instead of trying to keep up with the requirements of state and county laws, forms, and fees.

UPF’s solution includes the entire process for preparing and recording the required documentation to the cancelation of a mortgage as the final step in the payoff process. The document may be called a Lien Release, Reconveyance of Deed or Mortgage Satisfaction, or other names depending on the jurisdiction.

Whether your volume is one loan or thousands, UPF can size a compliant solution that fits exactly what you need; custom-designed workflows, advanced software applications, integrated systems, reporting, and affordable pricing.

Key Service Features

  • Outsource or out task service modes
  • Full Trustee support
  • Optimal workflow development and design
  • Rapid, low impact deployment
  • Dedicated on shore customer support
  • Compliant nationwide coverage
  • SAS70 compliant


  • Best practices in document execution & notarization
  • e-recording capabilities
  • Digital Signature capability
  • Custom production and management report options
  • Digital Image storage and delivery option


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