Document Retrieval

UPF Services is a leading national provider of document retrieval services for residential and commercial lending. With sophisticated technology and imaging, access to the most robust database in the industry and a nationwide network of field researchers, we can deliver timely and accurate retrieval of documents and information from county recording jurisdictions nationwide.

UPF Services partners with our clients to build fast and accurate document retrieval services to meet their specific requirements. And because of our advanced source tiring technology, research is delivered from the source which is most accurate and cost-effective. You pay only for the source that fulfills your order, giving you a lower overall cost and faster results.

Whether your needs are for a large-scale document retrieval project or on-going document retrieval UPF Services has perfected our nationwide retrieval process to give clients access to the fastest, most economical, and highly accurate service available in the industry

Document Retrieval Services:

  • Mortgage Documents
  • Assignments
  • Mortgage Releases
  • Title Policies from the settlement agent, underwriter or attorney
  • Retrieval of clerk certified copies
  • Data retrieval

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