AppraisalGuard (IAC)

Interagency Appraisal Compliance (IAC)

AppraisalGuard is a turnkey web based appraisal management software that enables lenders to automate, and self-manage their entire residential or commercial appraisal process. The application has limited deployment efforts, no upfront costs and is designed to increase the speed of production, underwriting, and secondary market functions, while reducing costs, and managing regulatory compliance.

Lenders can connect AppraisalGuard into their appraisal workflow at the front end (public or vendor facing), the back end (invisible), or any combination of the two.  And because Appraisal Guard powers the connection between appraiser panels and AMC relationships, Lenders can work directly with their trusted local appraisers or AMC’s seamlessly in one application.

Key Features of AppraisalGuard

Appraisal Options

  • Residential – FHA, VA, Conforming
  • Commercial – All Types


  • Dodd-Frank, HVCC, HUD Compliant
  • GSE and Investor Compliant
  • Role-based System Access
  • Communication Tracking
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Built-in Audit Trails
  • Manual or Auto Appraisal Assignment
  • SAS 70


  • Appraiser Panel Oversight & Control
  • AMC  Oversight & Control
  • User Management Controls
  • Branch Network Configuration Controls
  • Central Processing Options
  • Appraiser License, E&O Management
  • Appraisal Fee Controls
  • Payment Processing & Invoice Management Options
  • Management Reporting
  • Quality Control Audit Controls
Workflow Management and Controls

  • Branch Network and Central Processing Oversight
  • Customized Order Workflow
  • User Rights Controls
  • Intelligent Auto or Manual Assignment
  • Appraisal Product Ordering Controls
  • Appraisal Fee Increase Controls
  • Real Time Communication
  • Notification Controls
  • Invoice Management
  • Outsource or Self Managed Options
  • Immediate Borrower Payment Options
  • Appraiser/AMC Payment Options
  • PCI Compliant


  • Rapid Deployment – less than 3 business days.
  • Low variable cost structure – no setup or monthly costs.
  • SAS 70 Compliant


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